About Us

DeAnn Laube




DeAnn is a co-founder of Wild Nutrition Adventures and owner of Vibrant Health Nutrition and Bowenwork, a private practice in Seattle, Washington. In her practice, DeAnn uses a combination of therapeutic nutritional support, traditional herbal medicine, bodywork, and holistic cooking classes to help her clients reclaim their health from the inside out. As an herbalist and passionate wild forager, DeAnn has a vast knowledge of plants, herbs, and nutrient dense wild foods. She incorporates this passion and knowledge in her private practice as well as in her teaching. 

BS, NTP, LMP, RWP, NTA Lead Instructor

Tina Fogall

BS Nutrition, NTP, Natural Foods Chef

Tina Fogall is a co-founder of Wild Nutrition Adventures and owner of Kinship Nutrition, a private practice based out of her homestead in Fall City, WA. Using food as medicine and cooking local and seasonal food are the cornerstones of her practice, her cooking classes, and workshops. When she's not working with clients or teaching classes you can find her with her goats and dogs, in her garden or crafting in the kitchen.